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Android SDK and AVD manager behind a proxy

May 9th, 2011 2 comments

Many people experience problems when connecting the Android AVD manager to the internet from behind a proxy, in order to download the required packages. The solution however is simple and works with Windows as well as with Linux.

Start the SDK and AVD manager from your installation directory and set your proxy settings in the Settings window. Notice that there’s no http:// or what so ever in front of the proxy server address. Do not try to download the packages immediately. It won’t work yet (read along instead).

After setting the correct proxy settings, close the manager. Now start your Eclipse. Open the AVD manager from Eclipse and see that it works now. Notice that it is may also be required that you set your proxy settings in Eclipse as well.

All credits for this small tutorial to Eric de Vries and special thanks to Martijn van Rheenen.

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